HispaMSX BBS updates

HispaMSX BBS updates

by karloch on 20-03-2013, 20:40
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: BBS

With the widespread use of the Internet, you'd expect its humble prehistoric predecessor the BBS (Bulletin Board System) to have disappeared. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Since 2005 HispaMSX has been offering a BBS service that can be accessed through telnet or SSH. The BBS is 100% accessible from MSX-DOS with InterNestor Lite or from UZIX, provided your MSX available RS232 or Ethernet interface and USER enough RAM. Recently the HispaMSX BBS has been upgraded with two new items:

  • A new message editor: SlyEdit emulating the good old IceEdit and DCT Edit. This message editor is powerful, yet simple and specially tailored to BBS.
  • A new message list view, accessible to approved users through [X] External Programs, [1] Main, [5] DD Message Lister. This message view is similar to forums.

Instructions on how to use and access the BBS can be found on the HispaMSX BBS website.

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