Joytest v2.3a

Joytest v2.3a

by sd_snatcher on 07-08-2014, 00:09
Topic: Challenges
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A new version of Joytest, the utility lets you test a lot of joystick/pointing devices that can be connected to the MSX, has been released. This changelog for this version:

  • Test now runs in screen 1 and shows a mouse pointer for mice, trackballs and touchpads.
  • Support for MSX-Trackball
  • Support for MSX-Touchpad
  • Support Sega Megadrive Multi-tap (MK-1654 and compatibles)
  • Arkanoid Paddle detection
  • Sega Saturn digital joypad detection
  • Sega Saturn 3lines devices detection (i.e.: Saturn analog joystick)
  • Sega Saturn mouse detection

Adding support for MSX-touchpad was made possible thanks to Manuel Bilderbeek donating a Philips NMS-1150 touchpad. Another community contribution, the donation of a rare Sanyo MLP-001 Lightpen by Erik Luppes of paves the way for adding support for this device in the next version of Joytest. People than own devices that are not yet (completely) supported by this utility are encouraged to get in touch with FRS for improving this tool even further.

Relevant link: FRS' MSX Page - Tools

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By Grauw

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07-08-2014, 13:06

Will you also distribute the source code? To me, that seems the primary usefulness; if I want to support a light pen, or Arkanoid paddle, I can look at the source code of Joytest to see how it’s done.


Enlighted (6932)

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07-08-2014, 18:56

I totally agree, without open code this tool seems a bit dull....

By sd_snatcher

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07-08-2014, 23:18

Short answer: Yes, the idea is to open source the tool and the libs when they're stable enough.

Long answer: The Joytest is in fact the sandbox to develop a HID library. This library is intended to:

- Shorten development time, since we have scarce resources. Just an INCLUDE will do the job, allowing the programmer to focus in the game itself.
- Allow for high quality joystick port handling. Since it supports autodetection, it will never require the user to unplug "wrong" devices anymore. I.e.: many games have a bug that require the mouse (or whatever non-joystick device) to be disconnected when playing.
- Make the life of the programmer a bit easier, since there are quite a lot of devices that can be connected to the MSX, and many subtleties in some of the protocols
- Bridge some gaps in the standard, like mouse support on MSX1 and maybe paddle support on MSXTR.
- Add easy support for newer devices, like the megadrive joypad.

But right now the library is still in alpha stage. I had to change the API many times because the more exotic devices didn't behave as I originally imagined. This is the case of the touchpad and the multi-tap. Since the API is still not stable enough, I don't feel comfortable release it in the wild yet. It would just make angry programmers angry. I hope you understand.

By Grauw

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08-08-2014, 00:15

Thanks, that’s good to hear! Smile

(Though, I certainly wouldn’t get angry if you released the code sooner! After all some people might just be interested in specific pieces of it, maybe just reading the code for educational purposes. It would do no harm I think. I will give the good example with Synthesix soon! Hehe Smile.)

By syn

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08-08-2014, 22:40

ARTRAG wrote:

I totally agree, without open code this tool seems a bit dull....

I thought the original was a good testing tool for joymega adapter, since it beats booting a gameSmile

Thanks for sharing this with us sd_snatcherWink

By Guts

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10-08-2014, 10:57

Thank you!!