MSX Boixos Club Dossier

by RCastillo on 01-07-2018, 13:09
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The MSX Boixos Club introduces a new website concerning their lastest activities. A dossier with the most recent events, photo gallery and agenda. Remember that the MSX Boixos Club organizes periodical MSX meetings in Badalona (Barcelona, Spain). Saturday morning and every two months around 30 MSX members enjoy these brief meetings discussing about MSX, playing games or testing new stuff, in fact it is a friends MSX meeting. Even they take part in annual technological events in the street. If you have a chance to be in Barcelona, don't hesitate to visit them.

Relevant link: MSX Boixos Club Dossier (Spanish language)

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By La Gaseta Msx

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10-07-2018, 09:07

It is a funny incredible documentary. ¿Can I use it at the La Gaseta Msx Disk Magazine?¿Can I use freely the pictures?

By RCastillo

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20-07-2018, 00:11

You can use the material without problems and thanks for participating.