MSX Eggerland

MSX Eggerland

by mars2000you on 12-12-2014, 23:55
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This summer, mars2000you launched an MSX website entirely dedicated to Eggerland and his extra levelpacks for this addictive puzzle game. After 125 stages based mainly on Eggerland 2 and 160 stages based on the very difficult Eggerland Meikyuu no Fukkatsu on Famicom, another set of 110 stages inspired by the 4 next games of the great Eggerland series has been released, containing

  • 40 stages come from Eggerland Souzouhe no Tabidachi (Famicom Disk System)
  • 5 stages from Adventures of Lolo US/EU (NES)
  • 10 stages from Adventures of Lolo 2 US/EU (NES)
  • 55 stages from Adventures of Lolo JP release (NES)

As with the previous packages, the stages are adapted to the specific limitations of Eggerland Mystery.

Relevant link: MSX Eggerland website

Comments (7)

By snout

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12-12-2014, 23:55

Sorry for the terrible delay in posting this, mars Crazy

By mars2000you

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13-12-2014, 00:31

Thanks for the news, better late than never Wink

And much fun with all these stages!

By Vampier

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13-12-2014, 06:38

Mars2000 you should reverse engineer the fields and put them straight into the rom

By Randam

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13-12-2014, 13:16

Thx for all the levels. Nice job!!!

Vampier makes a good additional suggestion. That or making an editor for eggerland 2 so the games wouldn't need to be adapted because of the limitations for eggerland 1.

By ro

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14-12-2014, 11:20

behold, the msx legacy. nice job

By mars2000you

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19-07-2016, 01:06

In the coming days ... a new addition to the MSX Eggerland world : 220 stages based on Adventures of Lolo 3 US/EU (NES) and Adventures of Lolo 2 JP (NES), again adapted to the limitations of Eggerland Mystery !

Stay tuned ! Smile

For your holidays, the direction is MSX Eggerland !!! Wink

By mars2000you

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22-07-2016, 01:25

It is now online, so it's time to play again Eggerland Mystery !

- the 220 new stages :

- the map of these stages :

- the maps of the 2 NES games that are the inspîration of these stages : and

As you probably know it, the stages on the Japanese release are generally more difficult than the corresponding stages on the US/EU release. I've played both games in a parallel way, and the normal stages are adapted for Eggerland Mystery in alternance by block of 5 stages, first the US/EU release, then the JP version. So, don't be surprised if some blocks of 5 stages are more difficult, it's just the result of my choice!

Enjoy ! :)