#msxdev Compo 2013: Nothing Thing announced

by syn on 13-10-2013, 11:13
Topic: Challenges

While the 14th edition of the long-running first-generation MSX game contest MSXdev has been recently announced, the end of #msxdev Compo 2013 is slowly coming into sight.

Nitrofurano enters this year’s edition of the multi-platform development competition with a demo for MSX2+ called Nothing Thing. An interesting aspect of this entry is that it's written with a BASIC cross-compiler, namely Boriel's ZX-BASIC Compiler modified for MSX.

Even though it seems to be a while before the end of the year (which is when the submission of the entries closes) is near, the deadline for registration is only less than 7 weeks away. But judging from past experiences, developers will often wait until the last few days to announce their entries, so we are probably going to see a few more exciting entries soon!

Are you interested in participating in this competition as well? If you do, don't forget to register your entry before the 30th of November!

Relevant link: #msxdev Compo