#msxdev Compo 2014: Numbers announced

by syn on 21-11-2014, 01:59
Topic: Challenges

A third entry in this year's edition of #msxdev Compo has been announced: a coder by the name of Sitter will be participating in the Compo with "Numbers". His entry is a puzzle game that, unlike the other 2 entries so far, has rather modest requirements; the game will run on an MSX (1) or higher with at least 16KB RAM and offers optional support for MSX-Music, MSX-Audio and MoonSound.

Not much else is known about this entry, but with more than 5 weeks until the submission deadline, there is no doubt that this could turn out to be a fun game and a worthy contender for the grand prize!

Relevant link: #msxdev Compo 2014 entries

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By Grauw

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21-11-2014, 20:00

A nice hardware combination! Am I right in thinking that Sitter is a newcomer to the MSX community? Or maybe an old returner. Welcome Smile.