openMSX IRC channel moves to Libera.Chat

openMSX IRC channel moves to Libera.Chat

by ro on 04-06-2021, 15:52
Topic: Emulation
Tags: IRC, openMSX

Talking about MSX is perhaps one of the most comfortable dialogues to have for us MSX geeks. Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, is a popular means to do just that. The dedicated IRC channel for openMSX is a regular stop for users of this great MSX emulator. The channel has recently moved to another location.

The openMSX IRC channel is open for anyone who needs a word about the emulator and connected contexts. As some openMSX IRC regulars weren't feeling comfortable anymore on the Freenode IRC network lately (this article does a reasonable job of summarizing events), the channel has moved to #openMSX on the Libera.Chat network. Libera Chat is the IRC network for free & open-source software and peer directed projects.

If you don't have an IRC client installed, you can use web chat instead. Come and chat about openMSX with like minded friends on this channel. For those people who think IRC is too retro (can anything be too retro?), the openMSX team also has a Discord channel, which is bridged to the openMSX IRC channel. You can find it via this invite.

Some chitchat, we've got a channel for that. Talk loud, talk Z80.

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Original news submitted by Manuel from the openMSX team.