Princess Quest released for MSX

Princess Quest released for MSX

by nanochess on 19-01-2016, 13:37
Topic: Software

In this forum topic, developer Oscar Toledo G., also known as nanochess, announced that his game Princess Quest is now free to download and enjoy.

Relevant link: Princess Quest

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  • Princess Quest released for MSX
  • Princess Quest released for MSX

Comments (9)

By syn

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19-01-2016, 23:00

Thank you so much! Big smile

By Maggoo

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21-01-2016, 01:39

Thanks for making the game freely available, really nice gameplay with old school difficulty level !

By MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

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21-01-2016, 07:42

This news is nothing special for the cartridge owner. Wink But a very special news to everybody else who doesn´t have this game already! Smile

Maggoo, this game does not have old school difficulty level, it´s way too easy! Otherwise I like this game. Smile

By andrea.denara

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25-01-2016, 11:25

It seems a very very good work.
Finally a smooth scroll on msx1


By [D-Tail]

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25-01-2016, 19:06

The game in its full glory on a cartridge, full color box and manual, is still available thru Bitwise, use the contact form on the Bitwise website.

By Richard Shankard

Supporter (9)

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22-03-2020, 06:26

A bit old in the thread but being as it's been free all of this time then how about releasing the source for us budding programmers to learn from.

Actually my specialty and interest is in the Colecovision but they share similar chips.

So anything I can learn on the MSX should port well to the Coleco.

By Richard Shankard

Supporter (9)

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22-03-2020, 06:27

Atari Age is a great site but at the same time all of my work is in Z80 assembly language and they are keen on C for the Coleco over there.

By hamlet

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22-03-2020, 07:24

Oscar provides a lot of source for his games (also for coleco) on his homepage.

By Richard Shankard

Supporter (9)

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23-03-2020, 02:37

I checked but not much and what is is in Spanish.

Not complaining at all because I am 100% grateful for all help.
I just wish there were more because I love programing.

Uridium 2 and using that exact formula for the scrolling could revolutionize Coleco gaming for all time but the authors want to keep it close to their chest which is their right.

Rally X...
If these great people put out their source to all these already PD released roms then more and more games would be the result.
Holding the source secret hurts innovation when Z80 programing is considered a dead language in a modern day.