Reminder: MSX Fair Nijmegen 2016

Reminder: MSX Fair Nijmegen 2016

by Manuel on 12-01-2016, 15:35
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Here's a reminder for the MSX fair in Nijmegen of 2016: the 23rd of January you should be in Nijmegen if MSX gives you warm feelings. This will already be the 11th edition of the fair, with yet another new record number of reserved tables. So plenty of things to do and see and people to talk with!

The complete list of booths and all other information can be viewed on the website. Currently 15 booths are registered. Apart from the usual suspects, we also have a booth of Meteor-M (a very long standing member in the Russian MSX scene) this year, who will personally promote his Procyon HDMI multimedia card.

Relevant link: MSX fair Nijmegen website:

Comments (20)

By raymond

Hero (612)

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14-01-2016, 20:43

Already marked in my agenda :-) C u then!

By roadfighter

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17-01-2016, 21:12

Smile Ditto, Saturday MARKED !

By Grauw

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17-01-2016, 22:20

I’m skipping a snowboard lesson for this (bad planning) so this fair better be good! Smile

By Daemos

Paragon (2009)

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17-01-2016, 23:42

This fair is going to be awesome!

By Manuel

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21-01-2016, 22:47

OK, registration has been closed. See the full lists of participants on the site. Hope to see you next Saturday!

At least it seems the weather will be a lot better than last year!

By mtn

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23-01-2016, 11:09

Is someone gonna record the Procyon presentation? And maybe some other too? I hope so..

i wish all the atendees a good time!

By ren

Paragon (1930)

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23-01-2016, 11:38

Yeah, I won't be there myself (after all), have a good time everyone ;-)

I hope someone can/will do a nice report (this time 'round)..!(?) Wink

By snout

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23-01-2016, 11:54

I won't be making it there either. :/ But I'm looking forward to the pictures -- and a report would indeed be nice.

By ren

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23-01-2016, 12:01

Where's the live feed then?.. Wink

By meits

Scribe (6513)

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23-01-2016, 14:09

By ren

Paragon (1930)

ren's picture

23-01-2016, 14:25

Cool @Meits!

By meits

Scribe (6513)

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23-01-2016, 14:29

Will come back with some pics later... At the moment they're streaming into my what's app and therefore a mess... Big smile
Thanks Dear Darkies for keeping me posted Smile

By meits

Scribe (6513)

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23-01-2016, 16:14

Oh my... I have enough for a complete photoshoot submit... What to doooo...

By ren

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23-01-2016, 16:54

No worries, just enjoy the party.. Wink

(OTOH you could just upload/share a few you think are worthwhile Smile)

By syn

Prophet (2097)

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23-01-2016, 20:50

Had a great time again talking to many developers of hard and software and just meeting random visitors/mrc members etc.. (always nice to see the face behind the avatar/nicknames), as well as catching up with old familiar faces Smile

Too bad we have to wait another year for it to happen again Wink


Paladin (863)

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23-01-2016, 21:26

It was again a very nice day, spoke to a lot of people during this yearly event Big smile
Seems that it's getting bigger each year !

By RamonMSX

Expert (126)

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23-01-2016, 23:26

I completely agree with The_Engineer. Thanks Manuel and everyone involved in making this another great MSX meeting.
See you in 2017!

By Grauw

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24-01-2016, 00:23

Had a great day! Spoke with many people, played some VGM music for everyone to enjoy (right?! Smile), and even got around to seeing some (most) of the other stuff on show! Some really impressive projects. Met some new faces too, shoutout to Maxis, Alexey and -Neo-!

By maxis

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24-01-2016, 01:45

It was great seeing you all guys in person!

As usual, there is never enough time for such parties,

Many thanks to all the visitors for expressing their interest and to everyone helping me, especially Manuel!

My best wishes!

By zett

Hero (608)

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24-01-2016, 15:28

we almoste need a extra msx fair in nl. lots of new stuff to promote.

i would like a other location near to station and where you can walk around. not 2 lanes.