In development on the MSX for nearly 25 years, TPM.CO Softworks' unique adventure game "TAROTICA VOO DOO" finally saw its finished product released for Windows PCs via the Steam platform just last month, retailing for $10.99 U.S. This game's visuals were entirely drawn and animated by hand with a mouse, with the total amount of time spent on them adding up to five years since the creator, Ikushi Togo, first began working on it in 1993.

Although this release is not for the MSX platform, it's still running on MSX code, as the Steam version is essentially a game disk being executed via MSXPLAYer 2016 (KAI) version The disk image can't be extracted from the game as-is, but Togo-san has stated that he is working on an actual MSX version, to be released sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, he's preparing a PDF document chronicling the development of this title and also giving technical information for players who may wish to modify the game, which will be released as free DLC on Steam sometime this month under the title "CHRONICLES of TAROTICA VOO DOO." This document will be available in English as well.

Steam users may purchase the game from its store page, which also contains a wealth of additional information, screenshots, and video footage.

And anyone who'd like to learn more about TAROTICA VOO DOO can check out this in-depth interview on YouTube with Togo-san from June 2017.

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  • TAROTICA VOO DOO releases on Steam
  • TAROTICA VOO DOO releases on Steam
  • TAROTICA VOO DOO releases on Steam
  • TAROTICA VOO DOO releases on Steam

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Love the cover artwork. So reminiscent of 90s box art Big smile