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by meits on 16-09-2012, 18:00
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On MRC user KdL found some musical arrangements, by various unknown composers/arrangers, we all should recognize.

Among them the following tracks:

Somewhat MSX related are the following two tracks:

Feel free to browse around on this site and alert us when you spot an other MSX related remix.

Relevant link: Newgrounds

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By AxelF

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17-09-2012, 18:12

NICE !... • Galaga by ArcX sound really great Smile

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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18-09-2012, 22:30

Didn't know of that site, but now I know why Tongue Call me a critic, but I didn't find these songs so good.

I usually prefer the stuff on OverClocked ReMiX, vgmix and Dwelling of duels. They are mostly console game related but also feature songs from MSX games if you search well :)

By meits

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19-09-2012, 09:07

At least the dutchies should remember this guy.