West Side Trio plays MSX - Playlist

West Side Trio plays MSX - Playlist

by snout on 20-10-2013, 11:15
Topic: Events

About a month ago we announced West Side Trio will be playing several interpretations of MSX songs on Cello, Violin and Viola. Now, West Side Trio have announced the songs they will perform during TYME, an event held on November 23rd in the Dokzaal in Amsterdam.

Although one might expect a strictly classical approach to these songs by a string trio with these instruments, their songs on Soundcloud already suggest that things might get quite a bit more innovative and experimental.

Perhaps this is also a good moment to reveal what exactly TYME stands for: Thirty Years MSX Event. Yes, that's right. We would like to invite you to celebrate 30 years of MSX going strong, meet fellow MSX/retro fans and enjoy several of the shows we have in store for you. Or maybe you have an idea of something to demonstrate/perform yourself, or you feel like selling some MSX goodies on an old fashioned stand. Please let us know by filling in this TYME registration form.

Right now, things are falling in to place and we expect to be able to announce more about the event and its programming in the upcoming days... So keep an eye on our frontpage and don't hesitate to send us your suggestions!

Relevant link: TYME registration form

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By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1782)

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20-10-2013, 17:39

Nice track listing! Curious what WST will make of it Smile

By RamonMSX

Expert (126)

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21-10-2013, 10:33

Nice listing indeed. I was a bit concerned they would perform less-known tunes, but these are all MSX classics that most people in the community probably know very well. How did they come up with this selection? I assume they didn't know any of them before?

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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21-10-2013, 10:44

Long story short: we saw WST perform in the Dokzaal venue while we were there to discuss TYME. As soon as I heard them perform Apocalyptic Sunrise something reminded me of the SD Snatcher introdemo.

A few days later we got in touch and asked if they were interested in performing MSX songs during our event. Incidentally, they had already been performing retro gaming songs (Nintendo, mostly) with the Metropole Orchestra. So they already had an idea of what they were up against and really liked the idea of giving these songs a "West Side Trio Twist"

We then started sending them suggestions of songs they might like to perform, mostly based on the results of the Best MSX game song ever megapoll. IIRC it was John Hassink or Latok who recommended L'Affaire.

At the end, West Side Trio gave all our suggestions (~20) a good listen and selected these songs. Now it's all up to them what they make of it.

By Jorito

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21-10-2013, 19:58

You can see RamonMSX is happy with this choice of songs considering the big silly grin in his avatar Tongue