This years edition of the MSX Users Meeting in Barcelona, colloquially known as RU, is going to be held in cooperation with Gamestorming (GDG). Gamestorming is a new event that aims to be a meeting point for new developers, current video game professionals and the target audience. A dedicated section to MSX will be present in the Retro Zone of the premises.

List of standholders:

  • Kralizec/Imanok (to be confirmed) - Playable demo of Goonies 'R' Good Enough (current stage of development: game finished at 75%), sale of Caos Begins (MSX Dev'07 winner), demonstration of the new SD/MMC card LPE-MMC and presentation of Imanok's new MSX development project
  • Paxanga Soft - Demonstration of their MSX software projects, sale of their new MSX game Perfect Fit (in cartridge!)
  • SD Snatcher - Demonstration of software for Internet Nestor Lite
  • Z80 ST Software - Demonstration of his latest beta version (almost a release candidate) of QBIQS (a game for MSX1 based on Konami's Quarth)
  • - He attends the meeting for fisrt time and he is going to sell MSX T-shirts and review the entries for his 25th anniversary MSX-BASIC competition
  • AAMSX (the organizers of the event) - Second hand stand and sale of two new MSX cartridges: Perfect Fit (€18) and a 8Mbit MegaROM game compilation of tape games that will run on any MSX with at least 64kB of RAM. This 8Mbit MegaROM cartridge features an easy selection menu to choose between 14 different games (21 if we count the B sides or second parts of them). The games are unknown yet (according to the AAMSX website they are from the same company). Only 25 copies of this special 8Mit MegaROM compilation cartridge are going to be sold. At the second hand stand you will also find these games on cartridge (brand new) for €18 each: Operation Wolf, Majikazo and Traffic Jam and the game Carnival Bomb Ring on disk

List of activities:

  • Introduction of standholders (11:00h): Standholders can use the projector and sound equipment of the AAMSX to introduce themselves and their projects. The audience can ask them questions
  • AAMSX contest (12:00h): This time with the game Fighters Ragnarök. Contact the AAMSX to join the contest. Prize: €20 to spend on MSX stands
  • MSX survival course for the beginner (15:00h): Makinavaja will make a presentation of current MSX hardware available: Sunrise's CF IDE interface, Padial's LPSDMMC interface, MegaSCSI, flash memory cards, prices,...

The event will take place on December 6 (10h-19h) at the Casinet-Cotxeres de Sants, Barcelona. The entrance fee is €3 and you will get a disccount of €3 if you buy any new MSX software title on the fair.

Relevant link: AAMSX
Relevant link: GDG

Comments (2)

By Ivan

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30-11-2008, 23:46

Are the developers of Fighters Ragnarök still active? :-?:

By spl

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01-12-2008, 00:08

I like very much Fighters Ragnarok, but it's one of the few games I can't run on the 1chipMSX.

Well, you have forgotten some more stands: the great, amazing and funny 1BEERMSX ^^, Walter's (French MSX user) stand with very interesting things specially strange hardware Big smile, the AUIC association and the guest computer platform (C=64)