36a RU MSX Barcelona reminder

by doraemonppc on 24-11-2009, 21:33
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Remember.. remember.. the 5th of December. MSX fans will conquer storm, lightning and rain, to visit RU 36a Barcelona, Spain! The place where games, MSX fans and new hardware will blend, and that's where the poetry should end. Jokes aside -the weather is more suitable for The Netherlands at the moment-, this RU in Barcelona is on course of becoming an interesting event once again. The current list of participants:

  • AAMSX will inform visitors about last news on the AAMSX affairs, and sell cartridges of Traffic Jam, Perfect Fit, Operation Wolf and Majikazo games. Two new cartridges are for sale, and much more.
  • Z80ST Software is going to show the latest version of the (almost finished) game: Qbiqs. Also, the new project KNT may be demonstrated.
  • Konamito will have MSX T-shirts and 2nd hand games for sale. Also, games of the MSX-BASIC games contest will be demonstrated using a 1chipMSX.
  • Nerlaska Studio will sell the extended version of Monster Hunter, on a 4Mbit cartridge.
  • The Pets Mode are going to present a better version of Escape from Dwarves' Goldmine, the game presented in the second MSX basic games contest, organized by Konamito.
  • RELEVO Videogames and 1BEER MSX will have a booth together. Games that will be on display are La Corona Encantada, Ba-Boon! and more. For free beers and MSX gaming, 1BeerMSX has been sent from heaven to provide you with both.
  • SuperSoniqs will demonstrate Franky, the all-new SEGA-meets-MSX cartridge.
  • Alifort chapas will have all kinds of MSX merchadising for sale, like sheets, turnkeys and magnets.
  • AUIC (Asociación de Usuarios de Informática Clásica) will inform the visitors of the most important retrocomputer meeting in Spain: RetroMadrid. Also, some merchandising will be presented.
  • Sd-snatcher, application developer for Obsonet, will demonstrate the new ethernet card for MSX.

For a list of scheduled activities and any other details concerning this fair, consult the AAMSX website.

Relevant link: AAMSX

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By Sd-Snatcher

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24-11-2009, 23:20

Hey, im not the developer of Obsonet (is Dani Berdugo with Nestor Soriano), i have developed some programs for Internestor Lite, they works over obsonet, rs232 or the new DD's card. Tongue

By wolf_

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24-11-2009, 23:34

fix'd Tongue

By Sama

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27-11-2009, 18:40

For free beers and MSX gaming, 1BeerMSX has been sent from heaven to provide you with both.

When they start doing that on Dutch MSX fairs, I might consider visiting again LOL!.

By Leo

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30-11-2009, 13:55

monster hunter is excmusively sold at this party ?

By doraemonppc

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30-11-2009, 14:20

No, Monster hunter will be sold in msxcartridgeshop by internet and sunrise have some copys to sold at fairs