Devcon 2004 summer

by wolf_ on 04-08-2004, 13:36
Topic: Events

After investigating with the potential guests, 28 August will be the date set for Devcon 2004.

Devcon is an MSX-meeting aimed at the northern regions of The Netherlands, for the simple reason that the most important MSX-events were always located in the south. It's not a fair however, it's a meeting for developers and people who are interested in becoming a (better) developer. Typical development-areas are (asm-/basic-)code, graphics and music. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, everyone is welcome to join the meeting. You can be assured to learn something useful that day! Some of the more active Dutch MSX developers are already on the guestlist, covering code, graphics and music.

The location is the same as last year's Devcon: Cafe Troost in Noordscheschut, south-east of Hoogeveen.