Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

by hamlet on 31-12-2017, 19:00
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2017 was a very successful year for our community. It's hard to remember a year, since MSX had officially disappeared from the market, with more quality products. A lot of great games, that don't have to stand in the shadow of former, professional works.
Even if it's impossible to cite all of them in one go, let's go over a loose wristed summary of the quality and quantity of new software releases we had in 2017:
Myths and Dragons, XSpelunker, Zevimodoki, Draconic Throne, Children of the Night, The Sword of IANNA, Ghost, Tina´s Island, Popolon, Motkonque, Gyruss, RMD, Joust, ZERO and The Castle Of Infinite Sadness and SKULLrs. SofaROM, SofaRUN and SofaSet, DMK Creator reached a new level, and also, there was Glass Z80 assembler. Live from the past, Tokamokas game collection reaches us, which can also played online in WebMSX. Thanks!

A lot of the games were brought by MSXdev'17. This homebrew contest also gave us games like Andrea Petkovic Torneo de Tenis, Slime Center and Mazogs. Other challenges had been the Vampire Killer Music Contest from our favourite Irish Frenchman Banjo Guy Ollie on Youtube and the BASIC 10liners 2017, where NYYRIKKI reached a respectful second place.

And tons of new hardware, that proves our system is not only still alive but is yet capable of reaching a higher level than ever before, was developed like the compact Powergraph V9990light, Double RAM and a new SlotExpander from our brazilian friends, RBS created the fantastic all-in-one Carnivore2 cartridge, the MP3 cartridge and Dal-So-Ri R2.0 became another batch, Xavirompe brought us Rookie Drive NX and the NandemoESECC was released. The Telematch 200 and the VRoBit was announced, a high quality joystick and a next level MSX machine from Spain.

New books have been printed, such as "The Legend of Konami", "Spectravideo and MSX Complete User Guide", Popolon was mentioned in "HardCoreGaming101 Book Contra and other Konami classics" and the Brazilian book "MSX - A História Completa Do Computador Ideal Para Jogos" was published.

Started as a one-game-translation, this has gone big:
Fan translations has been done for the FMPac, Zoo, Kinderen van de Wind / Les Passagers du Vent and A Life M36 Planet: Mother Brain has been aliving.

The MSX fair in Nijmegen in January made a start to many following RealTime events like the Philips Vintage Weekend in Eindhoven, where MSX users presented our beloved system. Fairs in Spain and Southern America brought many new impressions.

This is your work, this is why we want to thank you all.
For all of you who support, for all of you who give ideas and for all of you who want to believe.

Thanks to all users contribute articles to our database, which has grown huge in the years.

What did you liked most in 2017, what are your MSX wishes for 2018?
Let us know in the comments!

Have a happy and successful 2018.

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By Samor

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01-01-2018, 10:38

Happy New Year!

By mesiasmsx

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01-01-2018, 13:08

Happy new year!

By ro

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01-01-2018, 14:40

have a great 201 8-bit year

By edoz

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01-01-2018, 15:35

Wow! If I see this list I feel lazy Wink happy new-year and what a nice news post to read!

By santiontanon

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01-01-2018, 17:07

Woah, so many things in 2017!?!?! Let's keep it up in 2018!!!! Happy new year!!! Big smile

By djh1697

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01-01-2018, 19:19

Happy new to year to all my friends in this forum. I no longer use MSX as my main computer, but have fun playing those wonderful games, remakes, and patches/cracks! Yes I have finished Penguin Adventure, without using any cheat codes! but forget MOG, USA's and the other games. i am use less at them!

MSX no longer is dominate in my life preferring to enjoy music through my HiFi these days.
My HiFi system :-
Naim 200/202/Napsc/Stageline/Flatcap/NACA5
Pink Triangle 1/RB300 (Audio origami rewired and new bearings)/Rega Elys2/Funk Firm Achromat (Red)
Neat Motive 2's
Pure Aural (hearing) pleasure, Leicestershire, where I live, is the home of arguable one of the world's premium HiFi retailers, so i am always on the lookout on his website for used bargains...! https://www.cymbiosis.com/

By valkyre

Paladin (705)

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01-01-2018, 20:15

2017 was a vintage year for Msx. It was great to have a sizeable gathering of Msx people from around the UK and Europe at play expo Manchester back in October. Hoping for more of the same in 2018!

By meits

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01-01-2018, 22:06

An impressive list of just as impressive stuff... Makes me wonder why I'm on the lazy stool lately (just like my fellow Darkies)... This kind of posts kinda have a stimulating force to pick up where I left... Ehm... Wait... I don't even remember when DISK Strategy II hit the streets... How embarrassing Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By konamiman

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04-01-2018, 09:25

djh1697 wrote:

I no longer use MSX as my main computer

I think nobody of us does Smile but the fact that not only are we still using it at all, but also so many new quality developments are launched every year, is in itself amazing.

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5684)

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04-01-2018, 12:20

Indeed konamiman. It looks like MSX is pretty much alive after being declared dead many times over. Smile
I bet we'll see even more cool and interesting MSX developments in 2018.

By tfh

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04-01-2018, 12:33

Indeed. It has been good year for MSX, with loads of high quality software & interesting projects. I can only hope that 2018 will bring us the same! Smile