MSX Fair Bussum report

by Bart on 22-09-2001, 22:33
Topic: Events

It was great, or should I say, it is great? Because the fair is still going on at the time of writing Anyway, for what I've seen I think around 75 people visited this years Bussum fair. Among other things to do overthere we, the MSX Resource Center, organized a MSX Quiz. Only one contestant answered all 15 questions with the right answers! The price winners:

1st price: Konami Gamemaster 1 (red version, complete) - Patriek Lesparre.
2nd price: Compile Famicle Parodic - Manuel Bilderbeek.
3rd price: Toshiba MSX audio cartridge and keyboard - Eric Boon.
4th price: Original MSX Resource Center T-Shirt - Bas Kornalijnslijper.
2 x 5th price: SNK Akari Warriors (new) - Andre van Herk & Tristan Zondag.
Extra price: Nintendo Donkey Kong on a keyring - Alex Kalkwiek.

Congrats to the price winners! The quiz can be found (in English) in the forum: MSX Quiz.

(P.S. better & more pictures will be available tomorrow)