Save the date!

Almost in old tradition, MSX nomads from many parts of Europe meet to herald the big meeting of the standard community on the eve of the exhibition day.
Here we discuss future and past events, tell each other stories that our loved ones at home are not interested in.
Paired with an alcoholic drink we form the inner circle of power on this evening.
The meeting takes place in the restaurant of the Mercure Hotel in Nijmegen. Here they take pity on us aging nerds and let us share in the joy of Dutch hospitality.
The Mercure is centrally located at Nijmegen train station and also welcomes guests who do not stay here.
Usually we arrive one by one from late afternoon on. To avoid spies from other 8bit systems, this year the password is "Let me pay for the next drinks". The answer will be "And the girls too"
We are happy to welcome you in this circle!

Comments (11)

By defdanny

Expert (72)

defdanny's picture

05-01-2020, 15:20

Hi Hamlet,
the links to the pics seem to be broken.
oh, msx.pics is down at the moment...

By Metalion

Paragon (1076)

Metalion's picture

05-01-2020, 21:08

Who's coming ?

By hamlet

Scribe (2817)

hamlet's picture

05-01-2020, 21:21

Me and Mi-Chi, I'm sure.

By Louthrax

Prophet (2136)

Louthrax's picture

05-01-2020, 23:06

I’ll be there too Smile

By Ramon Ribas Casasayas

Supporter (8)

Ramon Ribas Casasayas's picture

05-01-2020, 23:39

Count me in. I would not miss it even if I lost a leg.

By edoz

Prophet (2189)

edoz's picture

06-01-2020, 22:59

Me and Prodatron as well!

By TheKid

Paladin (870)

TheKid's picture

08-01-2020, 07:31

"Let me pay for the next drinks", that is a very un-dutch password Smile Smile

By Latok

msx guru (3703)

Latok's picture

08-01-2020, 08:00

There's a german having a lot of fun coming up with that password and imposing it on dutch msx-ers Wink

By TheKid

Paladin (870)

TheKid's picture

08-01-2020, 08:53

haha, I guess "Ken send me" was already used before Smile

By Latok

msx guru (3703)

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09-01-2020, 18:57

defdanny, are you....captain future?!?!

By salutte

Supporter (9)

salutte's picture

18-01-2020, 11:51

I'd love to join! but I am still waiting for one last confirmation about the trip... shouold know it by next week :S