Reminder 38th MSX User Reunion in Barcelona

by Latok on 26-11-2010, 13:10
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Some weeks ago we reported about the upcoming RU Barcelona meeting on december 4th 2010. On the Konamito website a nice activity summary has been posted on this AAMSX event. Here is an overview:

  • MSX Area will present their second issue of the spanish MSX-only paper magazine
  • Supersoniqs will show and sell their newest product PlaySoniq, a great MSX expansion cartridge including a Sega Master System 2 video chip, Commodore SID chip, 16MB RAM, Spartan FPGA running at 80MHz, SCC/SCC-I (FPGA) and lots of other features. They will also demonstrate their MIDI-PAC, another MSX expansion cartridge which is currently in development
  • Alifort chapas will be there selling a broad variety of MSX merchandise
  • The Sprite Girls will stir up the place selling merchandise such as MSX themed calenders
  • The Pets Mode is an MSX scene group right now developing various MSX-BASIC games such as Hans' Adventure and MSX Wars
  • Kralizec will show and sell their mighty The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
  • At the MSX Cartridge Shop you will be able to buy MegaRlashROM SCC+ and their catalogue games
  • Imanok will show their current activities
  • At the VEB Xenon booth, you will be able to hear the most beautiful MSX music created on various soundchips

Furthermore, the fair will also pay attention to other computersystems such as AMSTRAD and Compukit UK101, an english computer from the year 1979.

All in all it surely promises to be a great day of MSX fun! The meeting will be held at the meeting rooms of Cotxeres de Sants and the place is open at 9:30am to build up the booths and at 10:30am for the public.

Relevant links: AAMSX and Konamito

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By snout

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26-11-2010, 17:41

Dang! I feel like I'm going to miss out on a great day of MSXing. I should have tagged along with Sander, like 2003. Great job to the organization of the MSX RU to get this amount of stand holders and activity. Looking forward to see the photo shoots! Smile

By konamiman

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26-11-2010, 18:12

Look quite interisting. I wish I could go. :-(

By TheWhipMaster

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26-11-2010, 22:38

I hope Supersoniqs will come at Nijmegen, as I will be in europe to late for that one


Paladin (864)

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27-11-2010, 23:44

Don't worry we from Supersoniqs and WORP3 will be at nijmegen 2011 !