The hardware supplier Russian Bear Service Crew (RBSC) has released yet another project for the MSX platform - the cartridge adapter for the side slot of Yamaha MSX computers. The device is a 60-to-50 pin adapter that is used in the side slot of certain MSX computers.

The adapter turns the side slot that is normally occupied by the SFG module or the network module (used in Russian MSXs) into the standard 50-pin cartridge slot. The adapter can be used with Yamaha CX5M, CX5MII, YIS503II, YIS503III, YIS805 and similar computers. The main idea behind the project was to introduce the possibility to have 3 available slots for cartridges instead of just one (or two).

The adapter has 1-to-1 connections between the 60 pin and the 50 pin slots. The wiring is done with the flat ribbon cable that is used for IDE and floppy cables. The device has a very limited amount of parts that makes it really affordable. The 3D models for the case, the cover and the pin are provided. The cables are assembled using the 50-pin male IDC connectors and the IDC crimping tool with the special adapter for male connectors.

relevant link: RBSC's product repository.
relevant link: Pictures and the discussion on the MRC forum

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  • Cartridge adapter for Yamaha MSX computers with the side slot
  • Cartridge adapter for Yamaha MSX computers with the side slot