Floppy drive inside Yamaha KYBT2 net module

by cax on 04-01-2008, 12:24
Topic: Hardware

In the Russian section of our forum, MSX user SFMSX gave us a link to his blog, in which he writes about everything where it concerns his MSX.

You can see a picture with network-enabled MSX-DOS and CP/M floppy disks that were supplied with every Russian Yamaha MSX2 KYBT-2 class. Such a class usually consisted of one master Yamaha MSX2 YIS805/128R and 9 to 15 student terminals (Yamaha MSX2 YIS503IIIR) without disk drives.

All KYBT-2 machines were equipped with the side-slot network module, and connected to each other as a garland.

The most interesting part in this blog are the pictures of the disk drive SFMSX has made himself using the mentioned network module, without breaking its functionality. The floppy controller fully fits inside the module, and connects to it where the original network ROM has been. SFMSX has removed the ROM and soldered it on the other side of the board. He also made a hole on the side of network module and has put there a 23-pin connector. An external floppy drive, which you can see on the first photo, is to be connected there. According to SFMSX, he also managed to design and implement a floppy drive that fully fits into the net module, using a laptop floppy drive.

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Relevant link: tnt32's MSX-link DIY and usage (in Russian)
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By dhau

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04-01-2008, 18:14

Wow! The photo has CP/M floppies for KYBT2! I have russian Yamaha YIS-805 and I want CP/M Smile

By cax

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04-01-2008, 21:57

I always wanted someone to create a combo cartridge with 512K or more RAM, flash card drive and maybe SCC as well. This could make a perfect gaming machine out of any simplest MSX, and IMHO will succeed as mass-production device.

By tnt23

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06-01-2008, 11:59

I doubt SCC chip can be obtained in production quantities other than salvaging from old Konami cartridges.

By chpicolo

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30-07-2016, 08:27

I want this CP/M too!
Is any way to make a copy of this MSX CP/M (of course the "master" utilities disk) for us?
If not possible to do so with Disk Manager, I suggest to use Dave Dunfield's ImageDisk that is considerred "standard" on imaging CP/M disks on nearly any platform.