New MP3 player batch announced

by wolf_ on 28-09-2007, 16:40
Topic: Hardware

Source: MRC forum

In this forum thread MSX developer Dennis Koller has announced that a new batch of the MP3 player will be ready in January 2008. If they aren't sold out within the snap of a finger, they'll be available on the MSX fair in Nijmegen. At the moment the best known third party software that supports this MP3 player is SymAMP, the mediaplayer from SymbOS, which can be seen playing MP3's on youtube. Currently, there's a way to get a free MP3 player: there's one piece reserved for the winner of the second Scene Music Remake challenge!

Relevant link: MP3 player thread

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By Huey

Prophet (2672)

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28-09-2007, 17:11

I hope they come with a casing this time ................

By jltursan

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28-09-2007, 17:32

Maybe Matra could help with the casing, their Konami sized cases are incredibly well finished.

By Prodatron

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28-09-2007, 20:05

I am sure they will come with a case this time. Maybe we get more information on the Bussum fair next weekend Smile