MSX user fzanoto is working on a second batch of his MA-20 cartridge, and is compiling a list of people who want to sign up for this new batch.

This cartridge is similar to the Neos MA-20 "Version Up Adapter" in that it allows a whole range of MSX2 games to be played on an MSX1 without modifying the actual MSX1's hardware, but uses a V9958 VDP instead of a V9938, and has a 512k mapper. Although it has the VDP used in MSX2+ systems, the ROM itself is only MSX 2.0 and thus does not enable MSX2+ features.

The cart supports 3 video outputs (15khz VGA, S-Video and composite video) and requires a dedicated monitor, and one expanded slot connector. The developer notes that most games will only work with the sofarun loader, and that 95% of games are played normally. Due to some games bypassing the BIOS to address the VDP, not all games are unfortunately supported by this device. Luis Luca has published a video demonstration of the MA-20 in action on YouTube.

The product itself is 350 BRL, with shipping costs of around 45 USD. The delivery won't be immediate, as he's putting together a second batch, which can take several months. If you're interested in this nifty piece of hardware, you can contact the developer via e-mail.

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By djh1697

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18-01-2018, 23:44

Pity that it cannot be a MSX2+ upgrade. Nice cartridge though Nishi

By gdx

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14-01-2023, 11:35

Almost all MSX2+ games make direct access to the VDP so there is no point.