Gamasutra talks MSX Revival

by snout on 20-12-2006, 21:46
Topic: Media

The games industry portal Gamasutra have published an interview on the MSX Revival with Sander Zuidema of Bazix. The article deals with "the service, currently licensing and translating Japanese MSX classics for the west, about creating a business purely on retro titles, Virtual Console, and how to avoid setting up the bomb.". You can read the full interview over here.

Relevant link: Gamasutra's MSX Revival Q&A

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By Samor

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21-12-2006, 00:08

insertcredit picked up on the news, uh, in their own style Tongue

By snout

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21-12-2006, 13:54

o.O idiotic sounding?! ^_^

By cax

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21-12-2006, 15:03

Doubled vowels sound very "alien" for many people around the world.
For example, russians have a lot of jokes about .ee/.lv/.lt inhabitants because of their prolonged way of pronouncing vowels.

By snout

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21-12-2006, 17:49

If Nintendo can get away with Wii... Tongue

By Yukio

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21-12-2006, 23:23

MUSIC-MODULE and MSX TURBO R also talks , to bad that their aren't widely spread and supported ...