The latest issue of the Spanish magazine @RROBA was just released. It's a consolidated computer magazine, distributed in the whole of Spain. For this issue, the chief editors of the magazine were attracted to La Corona Encantada, the new MSX and ZX-Spectrum game from the the Karoshi Corporation. This game, released initially at MSXdev'08 and later at RetroMadrid, is available on cartridge or cassette.

This issue of @RROBA contains a four page article about the making of La Corona Encantada, how it was initially developed for MSX and then upgraded to other system. But the article also mentions how Alfonso Azpiri, a classic illustrator from hundreds of 8-BIT Spanish games, joined the team.

Another two pages are dedicated to a review of the game itself, giving it a whopping 8/10 score. But the real icing on the cake is the cover of this magazine: La Corona Encantada is the main news item at the cover of the magazine, showing the game cover, filling up the whole cover! When was the last time you saw a national magazine in the kiosk or newspaper store featuring an MSX game at the cover? Well?

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By Ivan

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01-05-2009, 09:27

You can take a look at the cover of the magazine here:

The scan is quite whitish, though.