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by snout on 22-06-2012, 18:01
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Last weekend ASCII Mediaworks held a special event celebrating the 35th anniversary of ASCII, the 20th anniversary of Dengeki G's festivals. Although most attention on the event, ASCIIfes went to Ultrabooks and the current activities of ASCII Mediaworks, there was some MSX action as well.

On a special retro gaming booth, visitors could play the Falcom RPGs Romancia (Dragon Slayer Jr.), Dragon Slayer and Wanderers from YS on an MSX, X6800 and NEC PC-88800. We're too late to look at the live stream that was available during the event, but here and here you can find pictures of the MSX on display - as well as other retrogaming related content such as an XRGB3 and Framemeister (XRGB-mini).

Relevant link: ASCIIfes website

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By Gradius2

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22-06-2012, 23:40

I love my XRGB-3.