On September 3rd we started our quest for the Most Essential MSX event that happened between 1982 and 2005. Starting with 78 nominees, and armed with a new megapolling system we now have a winner: the release of the MSX2 computer system.

This event was nominated because it made the MSX the most advanced 8bit platform at the time. With the Yamaha V9938 VDP, introducing hardware accellerated graphics, the MSX2 was way ahead of it time and a worthy winner of the poll, closely followed by frequent MRC megapoll finalist Konami. With 183 votes cast, the full results of the poll look as follows:

  1. The MSX2 (35.52%)
  2. Konami (32.24%)
  3. Japanese software houses (20.77%)
  4. The Yamaha V9938 VDP (11.48%)

In our new poll, we would like to know if you still own your very first MSX computer. Happy voting!

Relevant link: What is or was the most essential MSX event (1982-2005)? - results

Comments (9)

By mars2000you

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29-10-2006, 17:47

A good reason to have a MSX2 section in a future MSXdev' contest ! Smile

By Grauw

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29-10-2006, 17:58

I second that! Smile

By Edwin

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29-10-2006, 22:05

I third that!

By wolf_

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29-10-2006, 22:08

yes, one must move fourwards when it comes to development!

By Samor

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29-10-2006, 23:08

forwards into history, then. Wink

By Sonic_aka_T

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30-10-2006, 20:18

Is it too late to fifth it? Tongue

By ro

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31-10-2006, 13:48


By cesco

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09-11-2006, 15:52

MSX1 Rules! Tongue

By Yukio

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23-10-2007, 05:49

Nice, now is there some list of the voters?

Where are the "non developers" or programmers votes !?