MSX - 24th annivesary

by snout on 27-06-2007, 19:29
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Today, the MSX computer standard celebrates its 24th anniversary. On June 27th, 1983 Kazuhiko Nishi of ASCII Corporation and Bill Gates of Microsoft joined forces with no less than 14 different producers of consumer-electronics in order to set a new world standard for home computing. Over 5 million MSX computers were sold in a decade in which computers at home were still for a small audience.

This year was a very special year for the MSX computer system because for the first time since 1990 - when the MSX turboR was introduced - a new MSX computer system was put to market: the One Chip MSX. So far only the Japanese and quite a few fans that imported the new MSX have enjoyed it. Hopefully the 25th year of MSX will be the year in which the One Chip MSX will be distributed in the Western world as well.

But even with the new MSX computer set aside the current activity of the MSX community is surprisingly high. A quick browse through or news archive or site statistics reveals just how vivid and active the current MSX scene is, even 24 years after its introduction. Each year hundreds news posts, thousands of forum posts and reactions, countless visits and page views reveal how many people are nowadays still interested in MSX and devoted to getting new or improved hardware, software, emulators, websites and magazines out there to the fans or to organize small or large meetings and fairs on which MSX fans can meet and trade in person. All this thanks to the continued devotion with which MSX hobbyists around the world spend a lot of their spare time on our beloved computer system. MSX Resource Center would therefore like to thank you for keeping MSX alive and is looking forward of yet another year packed with MSX action.

The MSX Resource Center would like to wish you all a happy anniversary! Celebrate it in style!

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By Latok

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27-06-2007, 21:35

Well said Smile

By wolf_

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27-06-2007, 21:42

So, there will be cake @ msxcg? Tongue