MSX Resource Center Newsletter #1

by snout on 18-02-2002, 21:30
Topic: MRC

We just completed sending the first MSX Resource Center Newsletter ever. If you are a member of and have agreed to receiving mails from us you should have received the newsletter by now.In our newsletters we will sum up several interesting newsposts you might have missed if you're not a frequent visitor of our site, announce new features of our website and inform you about new MSX hard- and softwareproducts.If you'd like to receive the Newsletter in the future, just join as a member and be sure to select the option that you want to join the mailinglist. If you are already a member but did not receive the newsletter you can change your settings in the 'My account' section of the website.

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By FiXato

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20-02-2002, 22:39

Great Work...
Still working on my own mailinglist/newsletter and it is sure good to have a good example Smile
Keep up the good work and keep us up to date by sending more newsletters Smile

Filip Slagter
The MSX-Xpress
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