MSXdev08 poll down, MSXdev09 changes poll up

by wolf_ on 01-03-2009, 12:29
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It's the first of March, and as announced in the previous poll, we were to do two quick two-week polls instead of the usual monthly poll. Prior to initiating the new poll, let's see what February brought us. After 45 votes, here is the result:

  • Deep Dungeon 33.33%
  • La Corona Encantada 15.56%
  • Danger Tower 15.56%
  • Hose Diogo Martinez - The Bussas Quest 13.33%
  • Peek-a-boo 11.11%
  • Tomb of Genghis Khan 2.22%
  • Formula Dice 2.22%
  • I Need Speed 2.22%
  • PWND 2.22%
  • Sp8 Invaders 2.22%
  • Bakerman 0%
  • Limaribu 0%

As you see in the MSXdev'08 results newspost, the winner was to be expected. Deep Dungeon, took the lead right from the start and never gave that position away ever since. You can also see that it helps to mobilize your friends and family to push the poll results a bit. Luckily there still is something called common sense, and for some entries the official results obviously show something else!

The next poll is related to MSXdev, MSXdev'09 to be exact. Although the number of entries was the same as in MSXdev'07, there is still this feeling that the participants activity shown for MSXdev'08 was somehow less than earlier years. As contests in general lack activity lately, one could wonder whether there is a trend in all this. That's what the new poll is about: what could change in MSXdev'09? Often, the specifications are being brought up as being too high. The general perception is that big specs lead to big game projects, which leads to a big chance that the deadline won't be made and the game itself may eventually be canceled altogether. Others argue that the specs are not high enough, and in a way blame MSXdev for the current shortage of MSX2 (or higher) projects. Other discussions are about support for extensions (such as sound extensions) and recently the time frame has been brought up. Indeed, most entries didn't take a year to make, some didn't even take a month to make. PWND took a day to make. Therefor, is a typical time frame of a year something we could drop? Could developers remain focused and motivated for a whole year? All interesting ideas, and you're invited to pick the best one!

If you have an idea for an interesting poll, send your idea to and we will consider running your suggestion for a month.

Relevant link: Poll results

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By lionelritchie

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01-03-2009, 23:45

common sense?
we didnt hava enough time to call all the MUFFIE LOVERS from the past Sad or you would see the common sense going DOWN.
this aint over.

By Yukio

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02-03-2009, 03:01

Are you the reviewer of some MSX games? There are a lot of MSX related pages on the NET.

Strange, some persons would feature "funny" and not to 'funny' ways to type and talk ... Maybe something to do with the educational 'level' of development.

By lionelritchie

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02-03-2009, 23:17

maybe it's the enrish term scralachoq

By muffie

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03-03-2009, 00:13

Nahhh.. My family is still getting used to using shoes regularly. So, voting on a MSX.ORG poll is too tech to them. We're in Brazil, remember? Carnival, Rio, Samba, Bunda???
BTW, Yukio, can you PLZ PLZ translate your post to Portuguese? I would love to understand your point.... My English is not good enough...

By lionelritchie

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03-03-2009, 00:21

learn engrish