One Chip MSX poll down, Most Essential MSX poll up!

by snout on 14-10-2006, 17:54
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After six rounds of voting in our active MSX forum - and now that the One Chip MSX is on sale in Japan and, hopefully, soon outside Japan as well - it's high time for the final round in our quest for the most essential MSX event that happened from 1982 to 2005. Starting with 78 nominees, there are now only 4 left. Here's an overview, with the reasons why they were nominated:

  • Japanese Software Houses - Nominated for their amazing and original games, artwork, gameplay and 'atmosphere'
  • Konami - As the specific Japanese Software developer that gave the MSX its character, introducing several game franchises that are still popular today. Konami were also superior to everyone else on the MSX, which they never quite achieved in such a way on any other system
  • The MSX2 - Made MSX the most advanced 8bit platform at the time
  • The Yamaha V9938 VDP - For being the first hardware accelerated video chip on 8-bit computer

Your task now is to pick which of these 4 you feel was the most essential to defining the MSX computer, to shape its history and/or to give it the character it still has today.

In the poll just closed we asked 'With the improvements announced and the casing revealed, will you buy the One Chip MSX?'. After an amazing 460 votes, these are the final results to this poll:

  1. Yes, definitely! (64.35%)
  2. I have not decided yet (23.48%)
  3. No, absolutely not! (12.17%)

It goes without saying that the changes that were made between the ASCII version and the D4E version of the OCM - although they might not completely satisfy everyone - drastically change the perspective in which people view the One Chip MSX nowadays. A big thank you to all who voted and, as usual, happy voting on the new poll!

Relevant link: With the improvements announced and the casing revealed, will you buy the One Chip MSX? - results

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By AuroraMSX

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16-10-2006, 14:03

This is a weird poll, Konami being one of teh japanese software houses, and the V9938 being a piece of the MSX2. A vote for 'japanese software houses' is implicitly also a vote for Konami; a vote for 'MSX2' is implicitly also a vote for the 'V9938' ...

Can I have a Chance card, please?

By ro

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27-10-2006, 11:56

exactly what I've been saying all along....