Ultimate MSX Game Character Battle Brawl [round 8]

by snout on 01-02-2011, 00:24
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

With only 10 contestants left, the choices are getting harder and harder in our Ultimate MSX Game Character Battle Brawl! What started as a massive tournament with no less than 296 contestants is now rapidly progressing towards an exciting finale. You can help decide which two MSX game characters are going to make it to the frontpage poll by filling in the votesheet in this forum topic.

Just imagine - if Gillian Seed was to battle Latok, who would win? And what about a spectacular bitch fight between Fray and Lucia? Will Randar be able to smile his way out of Dr. Venom's evil plots? And when both Solid Snake and James Burton are to enter the ring, who would come out victorious? Last but not least Simon Belmont is to battle Popolon in yet another anything-goes one-on-one battle! One way or another, some highly popular MSX characters are not going to make it.

Every single vote counts, so by all means do cast your votes! Also, it is highly appreciated if you post some remarks about your vote. To help you out with filling in the votesheet, you can also use the MRC Megapoll Tool for Win32. You can cast your votes until February 7th, 23:59 CET. Happy voting!

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