Falcom Special Box 2004

by snout on 06-11-2003, 22:35
Topic: MSX Related

On December 19th Falcom will release a very special collectors item: the Falcom Special Box 2004. This is the first time in seven years that Falcom releases such a special box set. This box bundles the two largest Falcom RPGs: YS and Xanadu. Apart from the complete versions of YS6 (Ark of Napishtim) and a Windows version of the Legend of Xanadu the box comes with a lot of extra's, namely:

  • YS6 soundtrack, including bonus tracks, on two CDs
  • A DVD full of extra's like YS sketches, storyboards, postcard creators and more
  • A DVD Video containing the opening scenes of Xanadu and YS6, but also previews of new Falcom games
  • A 3-CD set with all 100 tracks from the Xanadu (and YS?) series

It goes without saying that this box is not just some cheap set to boost Christmas sales, but a true collectors item with many valuable extra's for the real Falcom fans.

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By Sama

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07-11-2003, 00:53

Yay! 19th of December is exactly the date I arrive in Japan!!

By snout

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07-11-2003, 18:36

[insert various jealous remarks here]