Konami announces Neo Contra

by snout on 09-03-2004, 13:39
Topic: MSX Related

A while ago Konami announced they will release another game in the Contra saga. On MSX, Contra was released in 1989, a year after the initial NES release. After sequels on Gameboy and SNES Konami released two new versions of the game in October 2002. This fall, Konami will release Neo Contra, a game that still has the direct-action spirit of the first game, but as you can see in the trailer: a lot has changed as well, as the game seems to be completely in 3D now. In this interview the producer and director of Neo Contra explain how they try to experiment with new technology and ideas, without spoiling the 'Contra feeling'.

Relevant link: Neo Contra trailer:

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09-03-2004, 14:16

Well, at least you can't say the movie isn't spectacular Smile