Metal Gear Acid announced

by robertwilting on 12-05-2004, 22:30
Topic: MSX Related

In this forumthread, the new Playstation Portable (PSP) is already being discussed a little bit. At the current E3 2004 Konami has revealed in a press release that the Metal Gear series, which started on the MSX2 platform in 1987, will get a PSP release: Metal Gear Acid.

The game will have its own storyline and therefor will be a complete new title in the Metal Gear series. You want to know if Hideo Kojima is in charge of the development? He definitely is. According to Konami, Metal Gear Acid will 'redefine handheld action gaming'. There are already rumours this new Metal Gear game will have online gaming features. More information will be released 'at a later date'. We'll just have to wait and see.

Relevant link: Konami press release

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By ro

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13-05-2004, 15:58

oh noooo. . not yet another MG... sight.

By SolidEric

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13-05-2004, 19:21

yes!! another metal gear.......

By anonymous

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14-05-2004, 02:16

Apparently this will be a turn-based tactical strategy game, not like any of the other Metal Gears...