Metal Gear Arcade - Insert Coin trailer

by snout on 11-12-2010, 19:46
Topic: MSX Related

Source Gamesetwatch

Next week, Kojima Productions and Konami are to release the stereoscopic 3D game Metal Gear Arcade in various arcade halls across Japan. The arcade game is an adaptation of Metal Gear Online (which was included with Metal Gear Solid 4) that supports head-tracking and light-gun.

Celebrating the release of Metal Gear Arcade, Konami have released its : insert coin trailer - the opening video that should encourage players to cough op some money and start playing. If you want to see the actual game in action, you can catch a glimpse over here. Those interested in acquiring a Metal Gear Arcade machine - please do expect to pay US$ 22.000,- ex. taxes and shipping.

Relevant link: Metal Gear Arcade - Insert Coin trailer