Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake eater trailer

by snout on 10-05-2003, 23:25
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Gaming age

Konami have leaked a small trailer of the upcoming Metal Gear game to the internet. In this game, one of our favourite MSX heroes, Solid Snake, is back with an important mission to save mankind from... well.. something ;)

As you probably all know, the very first Metal Gear game was released on MSX back in 1987. The tactical espionage game was an entirely new, revolutionary genre and the adventures of Solid Snake, Dr. Pettrovich Madnar, Grey Fox, Big Boss, Roy Campbell and many other familiar names have captured the attention of many gamers afterwards. After releasing Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in 1990 MG fans had to wait a long time until Konami released Metal Gear Solid on the Sony Playstation. In the meantime, they could of course enjoy other Hideo Kojima games like Snatcher, SD-Snatcher and Policenauts.

Anyway, as can be expected from Konami the first moving images of MGS3 are theatrical, impressive and highly recognizable. Just click the link and download the trailer!

You can already pre-order the Japanese or American version of MGS3: Snake Eater at Lik-sang.

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