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Here are some things you might have missed.

Metal Gear port for Amiga 500
A guy named h0ffman has been working on porting Metal Gear to the Amiga 500. h0ffman has probably been using Manuel Pazos' annotated disassembly, which we covered back in 2018.

Cross-assembler sjasmplus v1.18.1 is out.
A new version of this multi-platform Z80 cross-assembler was released. Latest release always at this link. For more detailed change list see releases

New MSX Cdi prototype spotted. The Black Moon Project
Maybe we need to watch all video footage of the House of the Future to see it in action
The Black Moon Project wrote a little bit about the Phlips MSX CDI-I

Undeadline tales
Blogger Games From The Black Hole wrote a fantastic piece about Undeadline – Undead hard & undead good

Creators of "Fall of Prometheus" working on a new game - you're a criminal and have to rob people and stuff.

Physical edition of "Stupid Martians" is coming

Goody for MSX1
Seems that somebody is working on a very cool looking MSX1 (!) version of Goody


Amiga version of King's Valley
Work in development:

RECOIL 6.1.0
Earlier in March, a new Recoil version was released. Recoil is an image viewer for modern systems with support for MSX graphic file formats as well.

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By sd_snatcher

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28-04-2021, 12:24

Had a good morning laugh because of the image that illustrates this article. Thank you, hamlet! Big smile

I would like to complement with one news piece: RECOIL 6.1.0 was released.

  • Lifted limits on file size (from 6 MB to 2 GB) and number of pixels (from 3 MP to 134 MP)
  • New format: Tandy 1000 DeskMate Paint (PNT)
  • Apple silicon compatibility
  • package
  • Restored Windows XP compatibility

By ro

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28-04-2021, 13:55

Thanx SD, added it just in time Smile

By bsittler

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29-04-2021, 08:53

The MSX CDI article URL didn't quite survive, it should be probably but an extra url= intruded I guess

[admin:fixed, thanx]