SHRT NWS May-June 2021

SHRT NWS May-June 2021

by MSX Resource Center on 01-07-2021, 10:11
Topic: MSX Related

Shorts, because it's summertime. The sun's shining, body's get tanned .. well, except for us MSX geeks. We stay at home, inside, glued to the monitor. But still, in shorts. If you were outside, taking a sun bath, you might have missed all the good stuff. No worries, we do a recap for you.

Here's some MSX related news you might have missed.

20210501 New game CAVIT
Here's a nice little ditty for you to play. Or just watch the video.

20210528 MA20+ cart. convert MSX1 to MSX2 and includes PSG,SCC,FM

20210618 Metal Gear, it's not a game.
Elaborate videos at Futurasound Productions' YT channel about MG87, MG2, and Kojima and game history itself. Worth all 120 minutes.

20210625 Physical Dreams new game preview
Here's a preview of the upcoming Tere-Kinesis game from Physical Dreams.

20210625 Oniric Factor game WIP
Work In Progress video of a new MSX game

20210627 USB to MSX.
Victor Trucco has USB to D9 converter, allowing you to use USB mouse, joystick or gamepads on your MSX computer. Here's a video showing the device

20210627 Toshiba Audio Expander
Bas Kornalijnslijper is working on an Toshiba Audio expander adding 256K or RAM to the device.

20210627 Physical Dreams Bot Wars
Another WIP from Physical Dreams, a point and click adventure. Here's a preview video.

20210630 Cannon UK talks about their own MSX V20
You can read the piece at Canon UK web site.

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By Samor

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01-07-2021, 10:44

Cannon UK is up in arms Wink

By ren

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01-07-2021, 14:56

(But will the @wolf_ be satisfied..? Wink)

By wolf_

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01-07-2021, 15:21

Well, the @wolf sees:
- ugly URLs at random
- a date code in the subject line that doesn't make much sense (e.g. it serves zero purpose)
- a missed newspost opportunity with the Metal Gear thingy. Franchises like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy etc. etc. transcend MSX and are important.

On the upside: there's at least now a date-code in the title, and who knows, some day Google and the rest of the planet searches for shrt nws instead of short news or MSX news.

So, the @wolf says: "let's not do the shitstorm again" Hannibal

By Samor

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01-07-2021, 16:49

I prefer the objective non-grumpy criticism Wink