Ikeda's MSX print 31-08-2001

by snout on 03-09-2001, 13:59
Topic: MSX Revival

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Kazuhiko Nishi and visitors talked about the MSX Computer system. There were about 50 visitors. MSX was made by Microsoft and ASCII in 1983. At first, Nishi told anold story about MSX Screen-mode and Video chip 'V9958' created by ASCII. Many manufacturers made MSX computers. They could be divided into two groups. One is the 'GAME MACHINE' group. They wanted to make a Game-machine. This group wanted to add a CD-ROM drive and an Original game controler to the MSX standard. The other group is the 'COMPUTER' group. They wanted to make a Computer, NOT a game-machine. These groups discussed about MSX3. And Nishi made the MSX2+ and MSXturboR.

About this time, Nishi got the idea to use CD-ROM to play movies. Later, Nishi used this idea for Fujitsu FM-TOWNS. Hence, MPEG-1 and MP3 technology is based upon an idea by Nishi. Nishi visited last Tilburg fair to look for European MSX freaks. Nishi knew that still many people are using MSX Computers all over the world.Nishi wants to make a multi-OS MSX Emulator (Windows, Mac OS and Linux). This Emulator is Open source. Probably many peple will de-bugging. this Emulator......

For more (Japanese) information and some pictures have a look at http://ascii24.com/news/i/topi/article/2001/08/13/628748-000.html