Kazuhiko Nishi to lecture at PLD World 2005

by snout on 15-09-2005, 16:25
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Gigamix

In 2004, MSX Association revealed their plans for the One Chip MSX during Altera's PLD World 2004. A report on the presentation of the One Chip MSX during PLD World 2004 can be found over here.

This year Kazuhiko Nishi, founding father of the MSX Computer system and one of the men behind MSX Association will hold a lecture on PLD World 2005, a large event dedicated to the advantages of FPGA held in Tokyo, Japan. Kazuhiko Nishi will give a lecture on open source hardware and its potential for use in education and competition. As the info page hints, his lecture is bound to contain quite some MSX content as well. Nishi earlier spoke about the subject during his MSX World 2005 lecture.

Relevant link: PLD World 2005 website