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by snout on 31-03-2001, 13:27
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Ikeda’s MSX print

The lecture of Kazuhiko Nishi at the Tilburg fair will be about the new MSX. the one-chip-MSX and the MSXPLAYer (The Official ASCII MSX Emulator). Because Nishi speaks English very well visiting the Tilburg fair will be an excellent opportunity to find out the truth about the new MSX rumours. Also a beta (alpha?)-version of the MSX-player will be demonstrated by Yokoi, if possible. You can already view some pictures of this emulator running on several devices on Tsujikawa, member of ESE Artists’ Factory and developer of the MEGA-SCSI is developing a (one-chip) MSX by DSP technology. (Called ESE-PLD). If possible, the current version of this system will also be demonstrated. (A hardware-like VDP!)

Find out more about this on maybe even Ghost will visit the fair again this year! Enough reasons to visit the fair...