MSX Association at PLD World 2004 - More details

by snout on 26-10-2004, 18:33
Topic: MSX Revival

On September 10th we reported ASCII and MSX Association are going to demonstrate the One Chip MSX on Altera's event PLD World 2004. Last week we could already give you a first peek at the One Chip MSX. As of today some more information was released on the MSX Association website.

First of all, the name 'One Chip MSX' is a tentative name for the device they are demonstrating. At the moment, it is not known under what name this MSX1 compatible device will be sold in the future. Second, the PLD World 2004 will not only be held in Tokyo on October 29th. A second demonstration will be held in Osaka on November 5th. Furthermore the presence of MSX Association on PLD world will not only be limited to having a booth with demonstrations as MSX Association will also hold a lecture on recreating MSX in FPGA during the day.

At the MSX Association booth several One Chip MSX1 devices will be running various demonstrations so that visitors of PLD World can try them themselves. Visitors are invited to take their own ROM cartridges, to see if they all work fine. If things get too crowded at the MSX Association booth it might be necessary to give everybody a limited amount of testing time, though.

Relevant link: MSX Association