MSX Association visits Bussum 2003

by snout on 24-09-2003, 00:32
Topic: MSX Revival

Regular MSX fair visitors will clearly remember the day Kazuhiko Nishi visited the MSX Fair in Tilburg and gave an interesting lecture about his plans for an MSX Revival. One of the people that came with him was Mr. Yokoi (NASU) who held a special meeting the day after the fair in which more in-depth information on the revival plans were given.

Now, two years later we have seen the first succesful steps of the MSX Revival. On December 23, 2002 ASCII's MSX Magazine containing the first version of MSXPLAYer hit the streets of Japan. Over 30.000 copies of these magazines were sold. On August 15, 2003 the MSX-BASIC for Robo Education project won an important science prize. Maybe MSX will be common material on many high schools in Japan soon. A few days ago we spotted a flyer announcing MSX Magazine 2, a USB ROM cartridge reader and a limited edition MSX/PC hybrid computer. Yokoi, one of the important persons behind MSX Association and Project EGG has decided the time has come to visit the Netherlands once again, and will attend the MSX fair in Bussum this weekend. He will take his good friend AtoC with him.

It is not clear yet whether Yokoi and AtoC will only attend the fair as ordinary visitors, or if they also will hold a lecture about the present and future of the MSX Revival. Either way, the opportunity to meet two people who make the MSX Revival happen and exchange opinions with them is an extra reason to come to this MSX fair.

Relevant link: MSX fair Bussum 2003 page

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By mars2000you

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24-09-2003, 00:38

Really big news !

Maybe can we finally hope an international release of the MSX-PLAYer (the final version, including Turbo-R emulation) and an international version of the second MSX Magazine ?

By sunrise

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24-09-2003, 07:24

How to learn Japanese in three days

By snout

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24-09-2003, 08:06

No worries... there will be someone available to do some translations when needed.

By Sama

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24-09-2003, 12:10

Will there? Wink

By snout

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24-09-2003, 13:20


We will force Rieks to do this job! Smile

By BiFi

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24-09-2003, 13:31

Let's all twist his arm Wink

By Sama

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24-09-2003, 14:43

No, no, let's overload him with presents! Yes!! Big smile

By anonymous

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24-09-2003, 14:46

Maybe a nice {moderation Tongue}

By Sama

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24-09-2003, 14:52

Of course I could tell them every kind of things I wish and nobody would even know... Guyver! Big smile Big smile

By Grauw

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24-09-2003, 17:16

sunrise, exactly what I was thinking Smile

By konamiman

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24-09-2003, 21:02

Can someone tell me the email of Yokoi? I want to met him when I go to Japan, next October 6th. I think that it may be even more interisting than meeting Ikeda. ;-)

By cax

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27-09-2003, 22:52

So, now the fair is over, tell us about the visit !