3Bit Band plays MSX

3Bit Band plays MSX

by Pac on 27-09-2014, 20:57
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Source: MSX Blog

PlayFest was an event that took place between 11-14 of September 2014 in Fuengirola, Málaga (Spain). This event joined music, animation and videogames.

There, people could enjoy the awesome performance of the Spanish band 3Bit Band who played several arrangements of retro games from some platforms. Now, thanks to the MSX user Toni Gálvez who uploaded some videos to Youtube, we can enjoy those musics as well. The most remarkable (MSX related) are:

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By snout

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28-09-2014, 12:15

Awesomeness!!! So nice to see initiatives like these!

By valkyre

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28-09-2014, 14:23

A prog rock feel to the arrangements, which I like.

By tonigalvez

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28-09-2014, 21:55

Thanks for the mention. The best was to be there.

By snout

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29-09-2014, 12:19

True that, same applies to West Side Trio plays MSX: one can only capture a fragment of the atmosphere, the setting, the collective experience in a digital video. Still, in both cases I am very happy the video footage is out there! :)

By slowerisbetter

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08-10-2014, 16:46

Aargh. I live next to there and didn't know :/