DRMSX releases 4 new MSX songs

by snout on 12-04-2007, 01:40
Topic: Music

On April 1st, DRM has released 4 new songs for MSX in mgs and mp3 format:

  • Omnifarious steps
  • Let's play the super ultra super great delicious wonderful MSX!
  • Water ripple
  • New generation of mighty monkey(Hi-tension ver.)

Recently, DRMSX also submitted an entry to the PSG.MOE competition. His MSX songs can be found in the DRMSX Soundwork section of his website.

Relevant link: DRM

Comments (2)

By Unicorn

Master (138)

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12-04-2007, 18:24

Cool music! LOL!

By poke-1,170

Paragon (1763)

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14-04-2007, 00:55

indeed, great tunes ! specially the water ripple one.

though the let's play one ain't new, I had it already
for some reason for quite a while... I think it was released
on a netrelease thingy ?