Hi-Tech hippies and Commission by MAD

by snout on 27-03-2005, 17:22
Topic: Music

The Japanese composer MAD has once again released several new compositions at the same time, two of which are in MSX style, using PSG, SCC and OPLL (MSX-MUSIC) sounds. Commission is a re-arrangement of a song from a PC-Engine game, while Hi-Tech hippies is a cover of the Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Relevant link: MAD music studio

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By Manuel

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27-03-2005, 17:31

wow, the server of MAD is a bit overloaded at the moment, it seems....

By snout

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27-03-2005, 17:35

the MRC effect? ^_^

By Manuel

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27-03-2005, 20:54

Your website is MRC'ed!! Smile

By [D-Tail]

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28-03-2005, 00:34

All your music are belong to us! Big smile