Italo construction kit v1.0

by wolf_ on 04-02-2007, 14:33
Topic: Music

An Italo construction kit was released today and added to the MRC download database, to give composers a little help in creating an entry for the Italo challenge. The package consists out of mono 16bit wave files at 44.1Khz. The user can choose how to downscale these samples to a format suitable for the Moonsound in combination with MBWave or MBFM. For further discussion and/or requests, join the discussion in this thread on the forum.

Relevant link: Italo construction kit v1.0
Relevant link: Italo construction kit discussion

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By AuroraMSX

Paragon (1902)

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04-02-2007, 15:16

Now let's get crackin' Hannibal