Metal Gear quartet

by wolf_ on 17-10-2010, 21:38
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THIS IS BIG BOSS. There's no way to get rid of one of the most popular MSX2 games, the stealth Konami classic Metal Gear by Hideo Kojima. Whether it's the countless rearrangements, speedruns, remakes or ridiculous eBay prices, Metal Gear is big franchise and MSX cult. But here's something different again, rather than having the themes rearranged for synthesizers or large (virtual) orchestras, here is a performance by a string quartet. So, only two violins, one viola and one cello have been used to perform the main themes from this game, all with fine craftmanship. It's a recording from a September concert, a new concert has been announced for December in Japan.

Relevant link: Metal gear quartet

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By Moniz

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17-10-2010, 21:54


By Pat

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18-10-2010, 21:37

Actually this great performance is by the Ensemble Game Classica. See

By sd_snatcher

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19-10-2010, 03:43

Quartet? Shouldn't it be a trio, since the PSG has only 3 channels? I wonder what the fourth guy does. Smile

By snout

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19-10-2010, 09:46

Naturally, the fourth one performs an avant-garde dance impression of man's struggle with violence in times of militarization, by running naked in a field of flowers. Tsk!

By wolf_

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19-10-2010, 11:51

My remixes usually go way beyond a hundred channels.., same principle Hannibal

By Samor

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20-10-2010, 18:53

except they tried to stick very close to the source material here

I wonder where they needed two instruments to do one channel.... or whatever effect it is.

Hm, oh well, I guess since it's Metal Gear the 4th guy plays stealth violin

By wolf_

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20-10-2010, 19:18

It's not hard to come up with a fourth line that matches the intended harmony of the original. Also, two violins could be playing one line (or play in octaves). Because of the smaller size of this instrument, its loudness is less than that a cello, which is why in an orchestra the number of strings is usually set up following these quantities/ratios: 12:10:8:6:4 for first violins, second violins, violas, cellos and double basses (or 16:16:14:12:10 for really large orchestras). In 2001, when I did the score for a small student movie, I got a 10:10:4:6:3 group o' strings.. Tongue

Though in this case I guess it's just an added line mathing the intended harmony.