Solitary Void - italo remake

by Low_Profile on 21-02-2007, 17:50
Topic: Music

Bart Roijmans (Low Profile) has released an italo/space synth remake of his song Solitary Void. As it is not an MSX composition, it isn't an entry for the Italo Challenge, but it's a stand-alone tribute to the italo genre. The release was previously announced in this topic on our active MSX Forum.

In a week, the Italo Challenge will be closed. If you are still in need of inspiration or good sounds, we recommend you download the Italo Construction Kit.

Relevant link: Solitary Void - italo remake

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By Low_Profile

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22-02-2007, 13:09

this is the correct URL (i changed it a while ago due to a website restyle)

and... my last name is Roijmans ;)

By wolf_

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22-02-2007, 13:25

fixed, w.

Toijmans had its charm tho ^_^

By Low_Profile

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22-02-2007, 13:51

Toijmans... Toymans... Toyboy... nahhhhh Big smile it goes downhill from there Wink